URAL-SIBERIAN PRODUCTION GROUP has all necessary technological capabilities enabling USPG to accomplish even the most challenging projects — to customized order, even based on tailored design documentation. 

Equipment in our workshops:


 Painting apparatus XTREME KING 70 / 3

 Sand blasting and shot/grit blasting machine DBS-100-RS / 1

 Automatic welding tractor for SAW ADF-1005, Ural / 2

 Plasma cutting machine Powermax 125 1

 Portable plasma cutting system Tomahawk 1225 / 1
 Plate bending three-roller machine SKMZ / 1
 Plate straightening 7-roller machine Harbin Sihai CNC / 1
 Beam straightening roller machine Harbin Sihai CNC / 1

 Guillotine shear (for up to 40 mm thick material) ERFURT / 2

 Load-lifting and hoisting equipment (electric overhead crane 32/5-2k, gantry crane, full 360° rotation mobile crane PPK-500) Q=from 10 to 25 t / 12

 Shot blasting machine (6 shooting wheels), man-operated semi-automatic machine Harbin Sihai CNC 1500х1000mm / 1

 Dew Point meter Elcometer 456 / 2
 Rotary screw compressor DALGAKIRAN INVERSYS 35 / 1

 CNC line for thermal cutting and drilling of steel plates FICEP TIPO A25 LG / 1

 I-shaped welded plate girder fabrication line Harbin Sihai CNC / 1

 Band saw machines UE-350 SSA, KMT 700 KDG / 2

 Thermal cutting machine CG1-100 / 2

 CEVISA Plate and tube beveller CHP-12 / 1

 Electromechanical guillotine shear N-478 (H-478) /

 Guillotine shear SCTR-25\3150 / 1

 Multi-purpose shearing press NG-5223 (НГ-5223) / 1

 Shearing press with molding tools N-635А (H-635A) / 1

 Shearing press GEKA-Gidrokrop110 / 1

 Hydraulic press RUX-250 / 1

 CNC portal machine for oxyfuel and air plasma cutting RUM-4000GP / 1

 Sand blasting chamber 4.2х15m / 1

 Thread cutting machine 5А993 / 1

 Drying and painting chambers 5х15m / 1

 Milling machine IR-198 (ИР-198) 1

 Bandsaw cutting machine ProTech 350AR / 1

 Radial drilling machine 2M55 / 3

 Turning lathe 1k-62 1

 Sharpening and grinding machines 3B634 (3Б634), CA600C / 2

 Vertical milling machine 6T12-1 / 1


MIG/MAG welding machines LORCH P 4500 Basic, Lincoln, VS 500, IWM, Shtorm (Russia) – a total of 22 units.


Plate bending machines, drilling and milling machines, rectifier welding sets, etc.

Being part of URAL-SIBERIAN PRODUCTION GROUP, ZMK Neiva OOO (LLC) is a fabricator of steel structures.

The in-house steel structures fabrication capacity is up to 800 tons monthly, subject to complexity of the design of the fabricated items and the coatings to be applied.

The output capacity of our coating application shops depends on the season: up to 10,000 sq.m (ca. 107,500 sq.ft.) 
per month in winter and up to 15,000 sq.m. (ca. 161,500 sq.ft.) per month in summer.

The Company fabricates steel building structures made from a variety of high-quality materials, such as: low carbon steel, carbon construction steel of commercial quality, low alloy and stainless steel produced by Russian steel mills. Subject to project-specific requirements, rolled steel can be procured from international steel mills. 

USPG can perform custom tests specific to certain projects' requirements, such as:
 Impact tests (KCV, KCU);

 Tensile strength tests (Z-properties) per GOST 28870-90;

 Material chemical analysis and mechanical properties tests.

Any additional laboratory tests are carried out to project specific technical specifications. All tests are conducted by our qualified NDE laboratory.

The fabrication workshops have systems of cold galvanization and hot-dip galvanization processes per GOST 9.307-89.


In-process control of production is carried out by the company's technical Quality Control Department. Our QC inspectors are certified to conduct Visual and Measuring Inspection (VMI), attested by the National Agency of Nondestructive Testing and Welding Control (NAKS) and by Prometeus Independent Centre for Personnel Qualification.

All steel structures manufactured by our Company are covered by the warranty subject to relevant operating conditions and project-specific requirements.

The storage and transportation packaging of USPG products conforms to the provisions of GOST 15846-2002 and GOST 26653-2015.



· Steel building structures: 
steel columns, trusses, supports, posts, crossbeams, beams, purlins, stairs, ladders, braces, platforms, handrails, walkover bridges, racks;

· Handrail components;

· Lighting towers;

· Floodlight masts;

· Lightning protection towers;

· Antenna supports for microwave radio relay links;
· Piles, column heads, pile caps, foundation frames;

· Tanks and vessels;
· Sliding and fixed pipe supports;

· Hoppers and silos for bulk products;

· Process pipelines, gas pipelines and gas ducts;

· Foundation bolts and embedded parts;

· Anchor bolts.

The company produces custom steel structures to customers' project-specific requirements in relation to base materials and coating.


·  Turning;

·  Milling;

·  Thread cutting;

·  Gear wheel working;

·  Drilling and boring of holes;

·  Nesting and cutting of rolled steel plates;

·  Forming of rolled steel plates;

·  Roll bending of rolled steel plates;

·  Sawing of rolled long sections, round and square bars;

·  Heat treatment, stress relieving of steel products.