One of the main focus areas of USPG is fabrication of steel structures. Most of our clients find it convenient to procure several types of products for industrial and civil applications and to receive the comprehensive range of services required - just from a one-stop source. We offer assistance of our qualified team, where each employee has a long standing experience in fabrication, erection and maintenance of steel structures as well as other related activities.


In cooperating with USPG, you rest assured that USPG guarantees strength and reliability of each and every product manufactured by the Group, - and the same holds true for reliability and endurance of all the structures and buildings made of USPG — fabricated steel.  


Our fabrication facilities have all the equipment required to make the process of steel structures fabrication as much advanced and time-efficient as at all possible (various grades of surface preparation are targeted and achieved using sand and shot and grit blasting chambers).

Our QC department conducts both incoming inspections of steel materials to be used for fabrication of steel structures, and in-process and outgoing inspections of the finished fabrications. We want the buildings and facilities made of the steel structures supplied by USPG to serve you flawlessly for decades.


The product portfolio of USPG includes the steel structures of dozens of types: from standard design structures to the custom structures of immense complexity and exclusivity, made to project-specific design documentation provided by customers. Upon request, USPG design engineers are ready to complete KM (design basis) or KMD (detailed design) drawings - i.e. based on Design Parameters and Terms of Reference Documentation provided to USPG. The USPG team will readily produce, deliver to the construction site and erect the following types of steel structures:

 Steel columns and supports;

 Load-bearing beams, overhead-crane beams and haunched beams;

  Stairs and individual treads / steps of the stairs;

 Posts for handrails or fencing and entire panels of steel handrails;

 Lighting fixture poles and road signs poles;

 Pylons and towers for power transmission lines;

 Bridge structures and other structures. 

USPG designers, process and architectural engineers do easily manage even the most challenging projects through continued enhancement of our team's creativity and acquisition of knowledge of new projects in cooperation with new and regular customers.


Some of the competitive edge points of USPG are the continuous modernization of the steel structures fabrication equipment and processes, introduction of innovative technologies and the high qualification of each employee involved in fabrication and sales processes.


USPG works hard to always ensure reproducibly high quality of the products and services. This, coupled with an impressive completed projects portfolio, is a true guarantee that USPG shall meet all of your expectations at a sensible price. If you become our repeat customer with a steady flow of orders, we will make sure you get some important discounts and privileges.

 Construction of shopping and entertainment centers

 Construction of warehouses

 Construction of hangars

 Construction of agricultural complexes and facilities

 Construction of sports and recreation centers

 Construction of steel hangars

 Construction of hangars and warehouses of various types

 Construction of production facilities and other buildings and structures


All structural elements (columns, posts, plate girders with uniform or variable section, trusses, cover and roof members, trelliswork, etc.) are fabricated in strict conformity to the effective requirements for fabrication of steel structures. All USPG products are certified, and they do conform to the applicable Russian codes, standards and Project-Specific Technical Specifications.

Our production facilities