URAL-SIBERIAN PRODUCTION GROUP has been operating as a manufacturer and supplier of steel structures for industrial and civil engineering since 2001.

At present, the major resources and capacities of USPG are dedicated to jobs in the Oil&Gas and Power sectors of the national economy.

The company has 24,000 sq. m. (ca. 260,000 sq.ft.) of workshops with full-featured production equipment, including painting areas of 7,500 sq.m. (ca. 80,700 sq.ft.).

Starting 2015, USPG has completed over 17 major national and metropolitan scale projects: these are socially significant facilities (comprehensive / high schools, day-care institutions, nurseries, hospitals) and major industrial facilities for: GAZPROM NEFT PAO; NOVATEK PAO (VELESSTROY OOO, SOUTH TAMBEY LNG, YAMAL LNG, ARKTIKGAZ AO, SIBUR HOLDING PAO); NK RUSSNEFT PAO; TRANSNEFT PAO; ARCTIC LNG 2 OOO; MT RUSSIA OOO (Maire Tecnimont).


2015 I SiburTyumenGaz OAO (JSC)
Prefabricated modular building for a corporate canteen of 16 running meters, made up of 2 modules Muravlenkovsky Gas Processing Plant (GPP). Including: process equipment; electric heating, water engineering, ventilation and lighting equipment; the fire alarm and automation systems.

2015 Velesstroy OOO (LLC)
"Zapolyarye-NPS" pipeline system for oil transportation, steel structures for a self-contained diesel power generating unit — 1500 t

2015 Master OOO (LLC) for the government of Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous District
Steel building structures for a Primary+Secondary School of 550 students located in Mezhdurechenskiy town-type settlement —68 t

2016 I Velesstroy OOO (LLC) for Yamal LNG OAO (JSC)

Gas Inlet Facilities Racks structural steel.
Construction of a complex for extraction, conditioning and liquefaction of gas and gas condensate before shipment at the South Tambey Gas Condensate Field. Gas Inlet facility structures  

— 469,3 t

2016 I Orteks OOO (LLC) for PETON Oil and Gas Research and Design Institute Rack steel structures.

Reconstruction of the Booster Compressor Station for the Condensate Conditioning Before Dispatch Plant at Urengoy field — 574,5 t

2016 Yamal LNG OAO (JSC)

Steel structures (ground piles) for an electric power generation plant of the LNG facility. Stages I and II. Process Pipelines Rack. Piles foundation—2363,34 t

2016 Yamal LNG OAO (JSC)

Steel structures for the process pipeline route leading to the drained sludge storage tank. Steel structures of the walkover gallery, pipe and cable racks, handrails. Steel structures for the power generation plant — 905,7 t

2016 RSK-Logistik OOO (LLC)

For Yamal LNG OAO (JSC)

Construction of the complex for extraction, preparation and liquefaction of gas and for shipment of gas condensate - South Tambey Gas Condensate Field. The administrative area. The floodlight pylon with a lightning rod Н = 28.360 m. 3 individual sets —17 t

2016 Velesstroy OOO (LLC) for TRANSNEFT PAO (PJSC)

Steel structures: platforms, walkovers, vertical ladders, handrails, combined rack for utilities and process lines — 285,3 t

2016 Bashneft-Polyus OOO (LLC)

Pipeline supports  — 270 t

2017 Elektrosnabsbyt OOO (LLC)

Floodlight pylon, power transmission lines pylons — 30,4 t


Steel structures, shelters framework prefabricated sets. Handrail-and-guard structures — 720 t
Passive fire protection :  2,100 sq.m (ca. 22,600 sq.ft.)

2017 SIBUR Tobolsk OOO (LLC)

for SIBUR Holding PAO (PJSC)

2.0 MTPA capacity West-Siberian complex for deep conversion of raw hydrocarbons into polyolefins, with off-site facilities. Facilities of Tobolsk-Neftekhim (Tobolsk-Petrochemical) OOO (LLC) and Tobolsk-Polymer OOO (LLC), Project description:  Modernization of a Section of B-7/1-2 of Yuzhnaya merchantable product and raw material storage facility (TSB) of SIBUR Tobolsk OOO (LLC). Hydrogenated pyrolysis gasoline reception unit with a pumping and loading rack for railcar access. Helical screw ground piles SVL 154,406 pcs. weighing a total of ca. 80 tons. Total — 214,1 t

2017 Velesstroy OOO (LLC) for TRANSNEFT PAO (PJSC)

Combined rack — 300 t

2017 ARGOS KEDR OOO (LLC) for Gazpromneft-Yamal OOO (LLC)
Mast and high-voltage transmission lines pylons — 10  тн

2017 Yamal LNG OAO (JSC)
Supplying equipment for an LNG facility. Equipment for off-site facilities. Brown sludge storage area. Floodlight pylon PMS-24.0 fully assembled in shop. 4 individual sets — 17 t

2017 ZapSibNeftekhim OOO (LLC) for SIBUR Holding PAO (PJSC)
2.0 million tons annual capacity West-Siberian complex for deep conversion of raw hydrocarbons into polyolefins including relevant off-site facilities. Ethylene plant — 300 t

2017 Yamal LNG OAO (JSC)
Supplying equipment for an LNG facility. Equipment for off-site facilities. Equipment for a waste water treatment plant Water supply pumping station
(the building framework steel structures, enclosure (walls), window and wall prefabricated units, gates, materials for structural passive fire protection (PFP) and finishing materials, double-layer floors, thermal insulation materials for the floor framing, overhead cranes, manual tackles and pulley blocks) — 400 t

2017 Yamal LNG OAO (JSC)

Construction of the complex for extraction, conditioning and liquefaction of gas and and gas condensate before for shipment, at South Tambey gas condensate field. The administrative area. The main walkover gallery. Walkover galley leading from the lab building to the modular control room. Trelliswork structure— 25 t

2018 GSP-4 OOO (LLC), a subsidiary of GAZSTROYPROM AO (JSC) - for GAZPROM PAO (PJSC)

Booster Compressor Station for Cenomanian deposit of Pestsovaya square area of the Urengoyskoye gas and oil condensate field. Construction Stage 2. Booster Compressor Station (Phase 2 of the Construction). Utilities network — 381,6 t

2018 Arktikneftegazstroy (aka ANGS) AO (JSC) for Arktikgaz AO (JSC)

4-axis antenna support, 65 m (communications tower) — 36 t

2018 Arktikneftegazstroy (aka ANGS) AO (JSC) -
for Arktikgaz AO (JSC) (NOVATEK PAO - PJSC)

Checkpoint personnel container having grade IV fire resistance fully constructed in shop to the relevant design documentation. Including: the necessary equipment, electric heating, water supply equipment, ventilation, lighting, fire alarm and automation system, communication system

2018 Velesstroy OOO (LLC) for TRANSNEFT PAO (PJSC)

Steel structures of the pump house building. Warehouse for materials and equipment. Accommodation building for rotational employees. Sheltered parking area for vehicles — 687 t


33-0130-00. Facilities for the administrative area of the LNG plant. In-site roads. Water drainage gutters — 87 t


40-2390-03. Main facilities of the sea port. Deicing system for the main facilities of the sea port. Sea water intake system for service pier I (including the walkover platform, the well maintenance platform and the walkover access platform to the mooring dolphin; with end flanges of the pile foundation and those of the well; with the structures connecting the well to the dolphin).  Sea water intake system for service pier II — 85 t

2018 Velesstroy OOO (LLC) for Tecnimont Russia LLC

Pipeline supports — 42 t

2019 I Velesstroy OOO (LLC) for Yamal LNG OAO (JSC)

Production building with a Control Room and the Package Transformer Substation + application of passive fire protection coating. Steel structures of horizontal foundation framing — 878 t

2019 I Velesstroy OOO (LLC) for Yamal LNG OAO (JSC)

Natural Gas Liquefaction Plant

Production capacity up to 1 MTPA at Sabetta settlement. Natural Gas Liquefaction plant - outdoor facility - the Rack within grid axes 35 through 51. Drawings code 0100.2017-03-200/40-KMD  — 349 and 200 t

2019 Velesstroy OOO (LLC) for Gazpromneft-ONPZ AO (JSC)

Steel structures. Project description: Delayed coking plant - Gazpromneft-ONPZ AO - Pole-mounted Transformer Substation PTS No. 1 and the pump house for the waterjet cutting machine
— 318 t

2019 Velesstroy OOO (LLC) for Gazpromneft-ONPZ AO (JSC)

Steel structures. Project description: Delayed coking unit - Gazpromneft-ONPZ OAO - Process equipment supporting structure — 164 t

2019 Velesstroy OOO (LLC) for Arctic LNG 2

Rack steel structures. City of Murmansk. Off-shore Superfacility Construction Center. Complex for construction of the Gravity Base Structures (GBS) and for topside modules integration. Utility network racks — 105 t

2019 Velesstroy OOO (LLC) for Gazpromneft-ONPZ AO (JSC)

Steel structures. Project description: Delayed coking unit - Gazpromneft-ONPZ OAO - Coke storage facility building. Maintenance platforms

— 670 t

2019 I Velesstroy OOO (LLC) for Yamal LNG OAO (JSC)

Natural gas liquefaction plant having capacity of up to 1 MTPA, at Sabetta settlement. Steel structures of the foundation framework and column heads

— 60 t

2019 Velesstroy OOO (LLC) for LUKOIL-Nizhegorodorgsintez OOO (LLC)

Steel structures. Project description: LUKOIL-Nizhegorodorgsintez OOO (LLC) Petroleum residues recycling plant, construction Phases 1 and 2. off-plot and ancillary facilities. Process pipelines.   5767916-2509/61-18-18123-KMD3.1 — 340 t

2020 Velesstroy OOO (LLC) for GAZPROMNEFT-ONPZ AO (JSC)

Steel structures of supports. Project description: Delayed coking plant — 240 t

2020 GSP-4 OOO (LLC), a subsidiary of GAZSTROYPROM AO (JSC) for GAZPROM PAO (PJSC)

Embedded parts, steel structures. Projects description: Compressor station CS-8 Chikshinskaya, Communications center KTs-2 being part of the Gas Pipeline System Bavanenkova-Ukhta; compressor station (CS) Gryazovetskaya (enhancing the gas transportation capacities of the Unified Gas Supply System of North-Western region, section: Gryazovets - compressor station (CS) Slavyanskaya. Compressor station (CS) Gryazovetskaya. Phase 2 — 60 t

URAL-SIBERIAN PRODUCTION GROUP, the company that, in its early days, started its own production with simple structures, has now become a group of enterprises that nowadays undertake tall orders to fill, that include cooperation with international concerns. This implicitly calls for conformity with the highest of standards.


The times of today dictate that companies use state-of-the-art technologies in order to keep their competitive edge - and thus the world class modern-day project management techniques are increasingly applied by all conspicuous players in the market. We take our part in the process, and thus our goal is to keep abreast of the modern-day criteria, getting to operate to the global business quality standards, being fully accountable for the overall results. 

URAL-SIBERIAN PRODUCTION GROUP's quality management system is certified per ISO 9001:2015. 

The quality management in line with the QMS principles and requirements ensures internal control of the operation of the employees in all phases of the production processes, invariably high quality of products at the process output and the Company’s reliability as a business partner in general.  

The products produced by USPG conform to the GOST standards and codes of regulatory research and technical documentation effective in the Russian Federation.

With our powerful standing in each of the mentioned categories, we can authoritatively state, that we are in a position to find a solution to any problem in the field of procurement of equipment and materials. Any scale. Any complexity.


The Company's Logistics Department has vast experience working with in-gauge and out-of-gauge cargoes, using various transportation services: railcars, trucks, as well as river, sea and air carriers. 

The Department has framework contracts with over 40 forwarders — carriers, making sure there is always the best price to the transportation quality ratio. 

Multimodal transportation orders are not a rare case in our activity. This kind of service means that a cargo is carried by several means of transport - railways, motorways, sea or river and the forwarder makes this happen  thanks to the vast logistics experience and high professionalism.